During WE LIVE HERE 2017 we organise public events where you can join in for free.
All events take place in BAU dance & performance platform based at the Entrepotdok 4 in Amsterdam.


by Hugo Glendinning and Adrian Heathfield
Tuesday 11 July, 20:00 – 22:00
Location: BAU

In this visual essay, Glendinning and Heathfield follow the creative practice of sculptor and performance artist Janine Antoni: her collaborations and conversations with the choreographer Anna Halprin and the writer Hélène Cixous. Spirit Labour traces the lines of connection between these artists inclined toward elemental exposure and non-human forces. The film asks: what kind of labour is it, to work communally with the bodies, movements, expressions and affects of others, to dedicate one’s lifework to the othering that issues from these relations? How might we think of these labours and affinities as forms of infrastructure?

41 minutes (linear screening or continuous loop)
Featuring: Janine Antoni, Anna Halprin, Hélène Cixous
Directed and Edited by Hugo Glendinning and Adrian Heathfield
Original Music and Violin by Aisha Orazbayeva
George Philipp Telemann, Fantasie No. 10 for Violin Solo, Largo, performed by Aisha Orazbayeva
Voice: Sophie Gueydon
Camera: Hugo Glendinning
Text: Adrian Heathfield


Mala Kline
The Poetics of Dreaming
Wednesday 12 July 20:00–22:00
Location: BAU

Mala Kline is a performer, choreographer and writer. She holds MA in theater (DasArts, Amsterdam) and PhD in philosophy (UL, Ljubljana). Currently she is a volunteer post-doc researcher at Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (UG) and a member of S:PAM research center in Gent. She is also a certified practitioner and teacher of Saphire™ practice (SOI, NYC). All her artistic and theoretical work is embedded in the practice of dreaming. In her author-based choreographic works she uses Saphire™ to facilitate individual and communal dreaming in order to create unique singular worlds weaved from and generated through the language of our dreaming. She has a private practice and teaches Saphire™ internationally, in diverse educational, research and production contexts and settings. www.malakline.com

“My writing is based on the understanding that imagery is the primary language of the body. Images as forms or specific expressions of energy move the body all the time, from inside the body or from the outside. I’ve been taught and I practice specific techniques and procedures of working with images as “living forms of consciousness” that are intentional.

I explore the forms, formats and strategies of writing that intentionally take and integrate the sensing, feeling and imagining body as a source of writing. Such exploration is an ongoing experimentation with how to articulate the reality of the body into language: How the material of dreaming desires to be articulated in language and so transforms my use of it? How can I use the principles that emerge from the embodied dreaming practice to organize my writing? How can the technique and strategies of working with the realm of the dreaming body reemerge in writing and transform the form of writing that now moves the reader to dream with it?

Among other works I will present a small new book CAPFICO that contains my “manifesto” on the poetics of dreaming and which has just been launched in Madrid.” – Mala Kline


with Sarah van Lamsweerde
Thursday 13 July, 16:30 – 18:30
Location: BAU

Sarah van Lamsweerde (1971) works across theater and visual arts, exploring the range between (unfamiliar) languages and mass media phenomena to rethink presence and perception within the experience of art. Her work has been shown in The Netherlands and abroad, at presentation platforms such as Onomatopee (Eindhoven, NL), Festival Something Raw (Amsterdam, NL), Incubate (Tilburg, NL), STUK (Leuven, BE), Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam, NL), Performatik (Brussels, BE), Dampfzentrale (Bern, CH) etc. Her projects often start with research and tend to be labour-intensive processes in which working inspires thinking. Together with Bojana Mladenovic and Norberto Llopis Segarra she has founded Stichting Tre Tigri, to enable individual as well as collective projects in limbo – in between art disciplines. Since 2011, she is an associate artist at Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam. Besides her own work, she participates in projects by other artists, such as Zhana Ivanova and Ivana Müller.