Location: BAU Studio

TU 10 July 10.00 – 18.00
WE 11 July 10.00 – 12.30 Vocal Workshop Felicity Provan
WE 11 July 13.30 – 18.00
TH 12 July 13.00 – 18.00 Talk + workshop Ned McGowan
FR 13 July 10.00 – 15.30
FR 13 July 17.00 – 18.00 Open doors

Politics of Co-creation is guided by composer Alison Isadora. During the laboratory, a number of collaborative composition practices for time-based arts are explored in respect to both ethical and artistic consequences. How do we communicate our artistic ideas with each other and what space is given for another to respond and/or participate?

ALISON ISADORA Born and bred in Aotearoa/New Zealand Alison Isadora is a performing composer and educator practising in the Netherlands since 1986. Isadora studied political philosophy and music, violin and composition, as well as post-graduate performance theater at DasArts in Amsterdam. Besides composing, Isadora creates music-theatre performances, audio walks and installations. She is currently a research fellow at DASTHIRD and embarking on a practice-based Doctorate focussing on co-creation within the composer/performer paradigm. In
the last years she has become increasingly interested in the possibilities of connecting music to other disciplines. Her works often incorporate elements of storytelling and participation while addressing social issues.


Location: BAU Studio
Wednesday 11 July 10.00 – 12.30

Australian cornetist and vocalist Felicity Provan will be giving a vocal workshop. Felicity studied both classical and jazz/improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. She moved to Europe in 1990 where she quickly became involved in the jazz and improvis- ing scene in Amsterdam. As a composer, songwriter and performer she is working with her own grooving chamber ensemble, an experimental rock/pop & improvisation quintet called ‘Naked Wolf’, a contemporary big band and a free jazz/impovisation quartet. She performs with singer/song writer Lily Kiara and teaches children at a music school in Amsterdam.



Location: BAU Studio
Thursday 12 July 13.00 – 18.00

In this interactive presentation, the physical and cognitive experience of speed in music is explored. Organic to all cultures, music is not only an emergent property of the timing mechanisms of the brain, but also a manifestation of who we are, how we think and how we feel. Ned McGowan discusses the relationship between emotions and speed from the musical perspective. The presentation will be followed by a practical workshop where the participants can experience and explore the mechanisms of their own inner pulse.

NED MCGOWAN (1970) is a flutist and contemporary classical music composer, born in the United States, living in the Netherlands. McGowan is a professor of Composition, Ensembles and Advanced Rhythm and Pulse at the Utrecht Conservatory and currently pursuing an artistic research PhD about speed, frame and time in music at the Leiden University and the DocARTES programme in Ghent.